Four-row chromatic nyckelharpa (tenornyckelharpa)


Type: Four-row chromatic nyckelharpa
Maker: Carl Pleijel
Mensur: 440 mm
Body width: ~ mm
Weight: ~ g
Wood origin: World wide
Wood selection: Flamed maple, walnut, cherry, Rosewood, Cedar
Strings: D’Addarío Helicore/Thomastik Spirocore + 12 sympathetic
Tuning: (highest) E A D G (lowest)
Number of keys:
E-string – 21
A-string – 21
D-string – 14
G-string – 14

The tenor nyckelharpa is made by Carl Pleijel from drawings produced by Johan Hedin and Peder Källman. It is tuned like a violin, EADG, but one octave lower.

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