Four-row chromatic nyckelharpa (tenornyckelharpa)

Type: Four-row chromatic nyckelharpa
Maker: Carl Pleijel
Mensur: 440 mm
Body width: ~ mm
Weight: ~ g
Wood origin: World wide
Wood selection: Flamed maple, walnut, cherry, Rosewood, Cedar
Strings: D’Addarío Helicore/Thomastik Spirocore + 12 sympathetic
Tuning: (highest) E A D G (lowest)
Number of keys:
E-string – 21
A-string – 21
D-string – 14
G-string – 14

The tenor nyckelharpa is made by Carl Pleijel from drawings produced by Johan Hedin and Peder Källman. It is tuned like a violin, EADG, but one octave lower.

Flamed maple is used as sides of the instrument body, and spruce as top and bottom. Keybox and keys are made of beech and neck partly of walnut (Juglans).