Instrument selection

Between Autumn 2010 and spring 2012 I, Thor Pleijel, attended the nyckelharpa-making course at Eric Sahlström-Institutet in Tobo in Uppland. The course gives basic knowledge and skill in nyckelharpa-making and during this time I have invested in materials and machines in order to continue nyckelharpa-making on my own.

Photo: Per-Ulf Allmo

If you are interested in buying, renting or simply try one you are welcome to get in touch.

Since 2011 I have rented out several instruments, both in Sweden and abroad. It’s important to be able to try an instrument without having to buy one. Renting an instrument means discount for buying one.

Also my father, Carl Pleijel, makes instruments, both nyckelharpa and classical guitar. Contact him for more information.

The prices displayed are without tax, bow and case, but it includes a lifelong guarantee for help and repair to deal with problems that are related to the construction.