Three-row chromatic nyckelharpa – Uppland ”Linné”


Type: Three-row chromatic nyckelharpa
Thor Pleijel
Mensur: 400 mm
Body width: ~180 mm
~1850 g
Strings: Prim Nyckelharpa + 12 sympathetic
Wood origin: Sweden, Germany
Tuning: (highest) ACGC (lowest)
Number of keys:
A-string – 21
C-string – 10
G-string – 7
C-string – none

In my nyckelharpa ”Linné” I use historic elm (Ulmus glabra) from the linnéan garden in Uppsala. The elms were planted in the 1820s on the grounds of the former academic garden and as it in the 20th century was restrored some of the trees were taken down. The wood comes from one of these trees.

Elm is a relatively hard and strong wood which is much appreciated for its beautiful colour and texture. Elm has traditionally been used in Sweden for furniture as a substitute for more expensive, exotic wood. It was used historically for wooden boats and water constructions, floors, carriges, looms and stable interior, due to its physical properties.

The instrument can be bought with case and a black or white haired bow.