As an active musician I play usually for dancing. My main instrument is silverbasharpa and I play tunes after Björn Björn, Styrbjörn Bergelt and others.

The music’s function as dancing music is very important to me and I use the strings in different ways to catch the beat and rythm, something typical to old nyckelharpa playing. I think we have a lot to learn from the history of the nyckelharpa as a drone instrument, and the amazing diversity in playing among many of the older nyckelharpa players.

On three-row nyckelharpa I play mainly tunes after Sigurd Sahlström and on four-row nyckelharpa I focus on fiddle-music, primarly from the island of Gotland.

Playing 19th century music at a steampunk festival at the railway museum in Gävle 2014.